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Retreat into the many comforts…

A luxurious escape in the middle of nature, these mesmerizing suites indulge in great comfort and elegance with captivating views of some of the island’s most unique and prominent natural features.


Sea View Suite

At Riverside International Hotel, our Sea View suites are located high above the Picard River, with fascinating views of the Caribbean Sea to the North. These breath-taking vistas can be enjoyed from the luxurious comfort of your bed or private balcony.

From a wide view of the city of Portsmouth right outside your bedroom, the Sea View Suites provide a living area where you can relax in comfort, a unique kitchenette, a lavish bathroom, a large flat screen TV with a range of international channels to choose from, and free high-speed Wi-Fi internet on hand. These exquisite suites on the upper floor offer all what you would look for when searching for the best hotel in Dominica and you can definitely look forward to a precisely unforgettable stay..

River View Suite

The private balcony overlooking the river captures the scene of the tranquil, sparkling river, in which you can bask when the sun rises over the river, either from your bed or the private balcony in the morning time.

The suite also comes with free Wi-Fi internet and a large flat screen TV with international channels, the river view suite is extremely cozy with a luxurious bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living area where you can unwind, adding to your level of comfort.

Mountain View Suite

Start your day with incredible views of the mountains from the warmth of your bed or a freshly brewed coffee or cup of tea on your private balcony. Your evenings will be splendid, as you bring your day to an end with a drink and the rush of the cool breeze coming from the mountains.

The kitchenette is excellent for cooking, while the warm and homely living area is ultimate for relaxing. Free high-speed Wi-Fi internet, a large flat screen TV with international channels and a luxurious bathroom are a few of the other great aspects of the Mountain View Suite..

Village View Suite

The Village View Suites offers the perfect urban escape, set amidst magnificent vistas of the urban village of Picard, yours to enjoy from the cozy comfort of your bed or private balcony.

These spacious rooms come with a dining area and a large flat screen TV with satellite channels. We also offer free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access so you can go online at any time and share your special memories..

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