Horseback Riding

Village View Suite

2 Dinners included

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1-Day Horseback Riding

Free Special House Cocktail

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Package Details

Book for five nights at the Riverside Hotel and receive a horseback riding tour and two free dinners!

Max price for dinner is ECD$100.00

Come experience the beauty of the Nature Island, making remarkable memories with a horseback riding tour! Horseback riding attunes you with nature and is eco-tourism friendly.

Rainforest Riding owner and certified tour guide Valerie Francis invites you to explore on horseback the island’s:

  • Beaches
  • Wetlands
  • Swamps
  • Volcanic peaks
  • Restored ruins and Cabrits National Park
Diving Package

Book for one week at the Riverside Hotel and receive one Diving Session and four free dinners!

Max price for dinner is ECD$100.00

Dominica is very attractive underwater just as it is on land. There are approximately 20 dive sites to explore at the Cabrits Dive Centre in Portsmouth, Dominica which include:

  • Volcano Site
  • Sunshine Reef Site
  • Cave Site
  • Five Finger Rock Site
  • Rose Garden Site
  • Heavenly Cove Site amongst others.
Dinner Package

Book for three nights at the Riverside Hotel and get one free dinner!

Max price for dinner is ECD$100.00


With our theme “Fine International Cuisine by the River”, one can encounter our elegant restaurant, serving amazing international cuisine (Sushi, New York Steak and Salmon Fillets) and many other Salads, Soups, Pastas and Entrees of your selection, located just above and alongside the banks of the Picard River in Portsmouth.

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