Victoria Falls Dominica


Plummeting from the famous Breakfast River lives the majestic Victoria Falls. It is located in the Parish of St Patrick, Dominica. The Victora Falls Dominica is an impressive waterfall that only sees a small amount of visitors because it requires a challenging hike to reach it. Wanderers from all over the globe should definitely visit this beautiful site if they are in the area! It is quite a hike for those who dear trek it!

Background of Victoria Falls Dominica 


Given the nickname White River Falls, which stems from the murky white color in certain areas of the falls, victoria falls is a staple in the Nature Island. It is Located on the southeast point of the island, near the pictureqsue village of Delices!

Although the hike is considered quite daring for some, victoria falls dominica is great for explorers and hikers at all levels! 

At the base of the Victoria Falls is a pool great for swimming. To witness the bouldering waterfall hit the pool and spray the air is quite a site to see, as it creates a beautiful mist which feels like its cleansing the atmosphere.

You will also be surrounded by amazing forest atmosphere. 



The Hike to Victoria Falls Dominica


Despite it’s inevitable challenges, the hike to the Victoria Falls is not a long one. It is typically about 45 minutes both ways, however its highly suggested that visotors trek slowly at times to properly navigate around the trickier sections. But you will need to get the the start of the trail first.

The best way to know that you are on your way, is when you run into the “Rastarant”. An obvious play on words for “restaurant”, but ran by a local rasta man named Moses, who offers some of the most authentic “Ital” food as part of his off the grid, minimalist lifestyle he lives on the river bank!

Its a short walk to the trail from the restaurant. This is where hikers begin to travel upstream. This part is typically a slow paced segment, as walking against the current is no easy task. If you try to power through the currents, the chances of you feeling worn out early are high!

Although it will be easy to get engrossed in the surrounding scenery for trees and birds, one most not underestimate the dangers to trek lightly over the boulders that dominate this river. As some of these rocks are more slippery than they look, even wearing the right shoes!

Soon enough, you will have reached the towering Victoria Falls Dominica and the pool. 




Overview of Victoria Falls Dominica


Many globe trotters from all over the world have described the falls as a humbling experience and trutfully, if you are ever brave enough to get to see it for yourself, you will agree. The Victoria Falls Dominica strikes a perfect balance of being imposing, and calm at the same time. Its truly a sight to behold.

Be sure to bring your film cameras and phone cameras, as you’re not going to want to miss a beat!



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