Trafalgar Falls Dominica


Trafalgar Falls Dominica is the only known twin waterfall which is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.  Trafalgar’s twin falls offer a beautiful contrast to each other, giving birth to dozens of waterways at their base. Whether you’re a waterfall enthusiast or just looking for an adventure, these two waterfalls are worth checking out. Trafalgar is known for its therapeutic sulphur springs, which provide a perfect natural bath for those looking to relax and rejuvenate.

The warm water alongside the cold allows visitors to enjoy a refreshing experience that can help them feel their best!

Trafalgar Falls Dominica Background


The Trafalgar Falls are tributaries to Roseau River, and are very close to the capital city Roseau.

The twin falls are fed by two different rivers. The long, wide Breakfast River feeds the taller, skinnier Falls known as Mama Falls. Both falls have interesting pools and cascades that make for a great hike to see them.

  • Papa:  the towering waterfall in Trafalgar Falls, Dominica, is a beautiful sight. The Papa also has an impressive physique – he’s slightly more svelte than other waterfalls in the area and stands over 125 feet tall. Fed by Fresh Water Lake via Ti Tou Gorge, he provides a source of fresh water for visitors to enjoy.
  • Mama: at Trafalgar Falls, Dominica The source of Mama’s robust girth is the Breakfast River. This is the same river that acts as the first, best stop for an early snack on the hike to Dominica’s Boiling Lake. This lake holds the title of second largest fumarole (hot) lake in the world thanks in part to the island’s legendary volcanic activity. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the Mama is well fed.


Hike to Trafalgar Falls Dominica

To experience the Falls of Trafalgar in Dominica, you’ll need to travel a short distance from the village of Trafalgar. Its about 20 minutes away from the capital, Roseau. The entire area that is surrounding the falls is covered in trees and enchanting greenery of the mountain rocks, giving way to the Roseau Valley’s rustic beauty. The hike is considered to be one of the easy ones because its commonly hiked by amateur hikers. The reason for this is because the hike is only a 10-15 minute walk from the trafalgar centre to the view point on a well maitained walkway and visitors are rewarded with the stunning views of the Trafalgar Falls Dominica

Hikers are bound to be greeted by some of Dominica’s most reknowned natural trees/plants along the trail such as:

  • Helliconia: A distant cousin to the local “Banana Leaf“, Dominica has two of these native species. These can be spotted along the trail, containing a either red ir yellow flowers, which gives the trail a natural sprark! —> Additionally, the leaves are mostly used by the Kalinago Indians for Indians for their famous Lawouman baskets.
  • Trumpet Tree: Although this has a somewhat hollow trunk, the leaf scars are still qiote prominent.
  • Kalken plant: This plant has thick and round leaves, and resembles a star.

  • Mother Falls are considered the most easily accesible of the falls, but is also the most fierce and strongest. Because of mama’s gentle nature, its easy to forget to still take pre caution as the boulders can get quite slippery at times when hiking. Visitors may find the water to be quite warm, as the Mother Falls is fed by the breakfast river, which runs thorugh the boiling lake. Measuring at about 75 feet tall, mother falls is also home to a natural sulphur pool which can be enjoyed when you get to the top!
  • Father Falls measures at around 125 feet and plunges into a pool which is fed by hot springs. As you walk the trail, note the orange coloration in the small spring that flows across the trail. This is caused by iron compounds in the clay and not by sulphur. Sometimes the water is hot, and this is further evidence that Dominica’s fiery core still burns brightly.

As you step out into the open, the vibrant colors of the Begonias and Wild Anthuriums will capture your attention. Depending on the time of year, you may also see Giant Columbines and Monardella.

Don’t forget to check out the breadfruit tree just past the base of the first set of steps. This delicious fruit was first brought to the Caribbean by Captain Bligh in 1791 as a cheap source of food to feed the African slaves.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, consider hiking to the hot springs below Father Falls. Either way, be sure to take a guide if you want to explore all the attractions at this scenic spot! Also be sure to bring your cameras because you will be in for a treat once you make the top!

Overview of Trafalgar Falls Dominica


Anybody with a taste for adventure needs to put this majestic waterfall on their bucket list. It is a staple in the nature isle of Dominica and reprsents a lot of what makes Dominica such a unique place, which is its lush greenery and natural beauty.

So don’t wait another minute.

Come on down and witness the Trafalgar Falls in all of it’s glory!


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