Join this 7-hour tour and get ready to hike! Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Traverse Ti Tou Gorge, used as a location for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean. Walk through the harsh Valley of Desolation (as the name suggests) and soak in the hot water pools before getting to one of the wonders of the World.

Your party will be picked up at the designated meeting point where the tour will begin. The drive will take you through the Botanic Gardens for a peek at some of the island’s flora and fauna before you reach the trail head on Ti Tou Gorge. At the trail head you will begin the trek of the Boiling Lake Trail. The steady climb is loaded with flora and fauna, birds singing from the top of the trees, a freshness that lingers, and a rushing river below that is a thrill to behold. At Breakfast River, you will pause for a light snack, then proceed upwards until you reach the first summit.Back on the trek, through the Valley of Desolation, you will find a lot of volcanic features that give the valley an otherworldly feel. The last push takes you to the Famous Boiling lake, your reward, one of the most visited sights on Island. This is the perfect opportunity for rare pictures. Test your endurance on this full-day hike and see the natural wonders of Dominica!

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