Middleham Falls Dominica

Middleham Falls welcomes you to a true waterfall explorer’s experience. You’ll have to work hard to get there through the thick, moist, forest and over peeking streams and roots, but it’ll be worth it when you arrive. 

Middleham is a great place to submerse in Dominicas immaculate, cold waters and experience the boisterous rapids.

Prepare to be wowed by enchanting Middleham Falls Dominica. It is a magical, untouched experience for waterfall explorers who’re looking for a challenge. 

Background of Middleham Falls Dominica 

Located high up in the mountains above a village called “Laudat”, this beautiful and natural waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Caribbean. Measuring up to 60 meters (200 feet) high, Middleham Falls Dominica contains a beautiful swimming hole at the bottom.

In fact, it’s been said that because of the seemingly infinitely high mountain, the gushing water fall is sourced directly from the “heavens”!

It’s not only an opportunity to see some of the most spectacular views on the island, but it’s also a special place where you can hear the pure-uninterrupted sound of nature.

Middleham Falls Dominica is considered famous for its scenic and breathtaking views, which can be seen from the top of the falls. 

A true nature lover’s paradise ; it will be hard to find a waterfall more beautiful than Middleham Falls->With a wide range of plant life and animal friends, you won’t believe the experience you’ll have. Along the trail you will see a variety of:

  • trees,
  • plants
  • shrubs. 

These make for both an exciting and adventurous stroll through the greenery. Once you see the falls in the distance, you’ll feel a cool spray of water hit your skin!

Middleham Falls Dominica is a popular hiking spot that you’ll often encounter other people while exploring. It has plenty of waterfalls and streams to explore, so make sure to bring your hiking shoes!        

Things you might need for the hike

The hike to MIddleham Falls Dominica can be a bit challenging, so to make the journey less strenuous be sure to have basic essentials which include: 

  • Hiking shoes
  • Bottle of water/Flask 
  • Snacks. For example Chips or Biscuits 
  • Swimwear 
  • Towels
  • Camera to take photos with! 
  • Tour Guide  

Having a tour guide can be useful but it’s not necessary if you have basic hiking experience. The trail to Middleham Falls Dominica may have slippery parts but apart from that the hike is quite straightforward.  

The Hike to Middleham Falls Dominica 

There are a few starting points hikers can choose to start their journey like the point in Cochrane. Beware as this point is infamously known for its bad stench! 

The most common starting point is the point located in the elevated village of Laudat. 

Laudat is an area that is above Trafalgar, high up in the mountains. 

To get to the starting point in Laudat however, one typically either drives or catches a bus from Roseau (the capital) to Laudat. The route starts from the end of a side street off of the  Laudat to Roseau mainroad.  

It is also quite common for hikers to begin their hike from the mainroad to the starting point which takes 15 minutes. This makes for a good warm up!

There will also be a sign pointing you toward the falls which you can follow.  

Middleham Falls Dominica is a pleasant trail. The hike is about 1.5 miles and will take about 2 to 3 hours from the starting point, to the falls and back.  

  • The starting point of Middleham Falls Dominica trail.        

The trail starts on a narrower and muddy path. This path immediately starts to incline on wooden steps for a fairly long time until the path levels out.  

As the trail continues up the hill, you will start to climb more wooden stairs. As you gradually make your way up the trail you will encounter several twists and turns as you approach the ridge, where it tends to get fairly steep.  

The trail contains numerous shallow pools and streams.

As you trek through the rainforest you will be able to see the Waterfall through the trees.  Bit further on, you will begin to see a sign pointing out that the trail continues left when you’ve crossed a little bridge – This bridge is located directly over another river ->This is where the path starts to descend to Middleham Falls Dominica! 

 It’s also got a little stream that you have to cross before getting to the falls and you might get your shoes wet if you don’t want to. 

The decline continues gradually for about 15 minutes until you are greeted by the picturesque tumbling falls! 

There’s also a surrounding mist in the air caused by the forceful crashing of the water into the pool, which creates an eerie mystique. Also makes for a spectacular background for pictures! 

Although the pool can be quite cold, it’s still very swimmable. The best way to test this out will be to uphold tradition by cliff jumping off the side of the roaring waterfall, and plunging into the cold pool waters. 


Middleham Falls Dominica is just one of the island’s many breathtaking natural wonders of the world. It is an amazing site for visitors to the nature Isle, a staple for both dominicans and tourists alike for providing rejuvenation and relaxation. It is considered to be the “perfect” climb by hikers, because it is not too strenuous but just enough uphill and downhill to keep it exciting! 

Overall, if you’re having trouble on deciding where your next hike will be, look no further because Middleham Falls is the place to be! 

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