The tour will begin with a drive through the charming Dominica Botanic Garden, where you will get a sense of Dominica’s floral beauty. You will continue into the Valley heading for the village of Laudat. Along the way enjoy panoramic views of the outlying communities of Trafalgar, Morne Prosper and Roseau, on the West Coast. The first stop will be at the Freshwater Lake. 2.5 miles from the village of Laudat, high in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, this lake is the source of the Roseau River and forms the basis for Dominica’s hydro-electric scheme. The lake was originally of volcanic origin but the construction of a dam some years ago as part of the hydo-electric scheme increased the size of the lake. You may try a swim or go kayaking in the pristine waters of the lake.Next, a short drive will take you to the trail head of the Middleham Falls where you will enjoy a the 45-minutes hike. The hike will take you through the rainforest along a well-defined trail. At the falls, a dip in the pool below the fall will surely energize you!The final stop of the day will be the beautiful Ti Kwen Glo Sho in Wotten Waven. Enjoy the delightful collection of hot water pools, hot-water filled bath tubs and even a waterfall and the exotic organic garden in Wotten Waven.

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