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Dominica is a beautiful island with lots of things to see. You’ve heard the stories of the Emerald Pool. Now come and see for yourself what Dominica has to offer!

Whether you’re planning an extended stay or a day trip from a cruise ship, you cannot miss the Dominica Emerald Pool when traveling to Dominica. Dominica Emerald Pool is a beautiful and refreshing oasis, nestled in the nature island jungle. Not only does it look great, you can also swim here – which makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for a cool break from the heat.

It is also understandably one of the most popular waterfalls for visitors because of its easy accessibility. It is a 15-minute long Emerald Pool Nature Trail in Morne Trois Pitons National Park is perfect for amateur hikers.

Dominica Emerald Pool Background


The Pool is in in the park, World Heritage site. It is a sprawling 17,000 acre lush rainforest, full of impressive natural attractions. The pool located within the park shares this park with other top Dominica attractions like the Valley of Desolation, Titou Gorge, Boiling Lake and other works of volcanic activity. There is also an urban legend which rumors that the Dominica Emerald pool is in fact, the fountain of youth!

The pool itself is a brilliant green, surrounded by mossy rocks and vines. But, when the sun shines on the water and filters through the trees, it transforms into this spectacular emerald! The Dominica Emerald Pool is fed by an enchanting 40 foot waterfall from one of Dominica’s most untouched and cleanest water sources.

Approximately a 40 minute drive from the capital, Dominica Emerald Pool is also a favorite among photographers and filmmakers. The translucent green water, encased by the dense rainforest, is beautiful in any situation. The pool, with its cosy environment, sparkling white sands, and lush green forest is the perfect backdrop for events and weddings.


The Hike to Dominica Emerald Pool 


Visitors typically get their start at the visiting centre located at the top of the trails to the pool, in which there is plenty of parking. Although this walk is in fact one of the easiest and safest ones , we still advise you to take necessary precautions, especially if there is a rapid weather change.  As mentioned previously, you will have to go down a staircase that may be a bit slippery. This is a result of built up moss. So please ensure that you pick shoes that have good grip such as:

  •  tennis shoes,
  • all terrain,
  • waterproof shoes .

​​​​​​​Also do not overlook packing basic essentials such as:

  • swimsuits,
  • bath towels
  • change of clothes.
  • Snacks
  • Bottle of water

Once you have all these items you can begin your journey downwards to the Dominica Emerald Pool. While you are on this hike you will be surrounded by the sun kissed glistening tree tops and soothing winds from the mountains of Trois Pitons.

On the way down, there will be several look out points in which you will be able to clearly see a distant, but clear view of the waterfall.

As you continue the path opens up and the Dominica Emerald Pool suddenly appears below you. The sight is breathtaking & magnificent.

One should also  prepare, to listen to sweet songs of hummingbirds will greet you warmly as well as the rushing sounds of the waterfall hitting the pool.

Duration of The Hike


The hiking time can vary a lot depending on the pace at which you walk it. This may range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to half an hour. It is not uncommon for people to take half an hour to reach to Dominica Emerald Pool, as hikers tend to be easily infatuated by the natural luscious beauty, that they take a moment to admire or capture the moment on camera! The hike itself usually takes around 30 minutes both ways.

The hike to the pool is a pleasant one as you are able to hear the gushing waterfall for the whole walk which can be very relaxing!

Upon reaching the Dominica Emerald Pool you can take a swim in the cool, refreshing water and explore the flourishing vegetation and beautiful overhanging trees. Due to its easy accessibility you have the option of just taking a “quick dip” or spending your full day there!


Things To Do In The Area


One of the most common traditions to do after a day at Dominica Emerald Pool is to make a pit stop at a bush bar. Bush bars are usually small sheds made from wood and bamboo. You can usually spot them along the side of a main road, or a bit further inland.

Although you can find them all over the island, the bars located in this part of the island are well known for their unique combinations and strange bush rums not commonly found in other parts.

The bartenders are welcoming and friendly and it is a a great way to catch a break during an excursion of the interior!




Dominica Emerald Pool has been providing visitors with relaxation and rejuvenation for ages. It The nature island contains many breathtaking attractions, and has a lot to offer- including the emerald pools. This body of water is one of the most well known natural wonders of the world, and if you’re thinking about visiting, be sure to put Dominica Emerald Pool on your to do list.

It will be a truly unforgettable experience that you will not regret!

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