Dominica Boiling Lake

The hike to the Dominica Boiling Lake is definitely worth it, but get ready for a challenging climb. The trail is steep and winding with rocky parts. Make sure you have enough water and snacks with you, as there is no food or drink available on the trail.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, a great place to go is Dominica’s Boiling Lake. This 200 foot wide boiling lake is one of the second largest in the world. Be sure to check the weather conditions before heading out, and come prepared for the heat. We also advise you to go with a professional tour guide.

History of Dominica Boiling Lake

Mr. Watt and Dr. Nicholls, two Englishmen working in Dominica, were the first to record the sighting of the Lake in 1870. The water temperature is in the range of 180 to 197 degrees Fahreinheit (82-91.5 Celsius) along the edges. They were only capable of measuring the temperature on the edges as they could not access the centre of the boiling lake. The depth of the boiling lake is greater 195ft (59m)


Dominica Boiling Lake is a once in a lifetime experience, offering a remarkable view of the extraordinary Valley of Desolation, as well as a hike through enchanting mountains and ever changing forests. The valley is an alien like rock formation of clay, grey and white rock, marked by calcium and sulphur deposits and inhabited by interesting wildlife.

Dominica Boiling Lake Trail

There is a gradual climb on the path which persists for about 45 minutes, after you’ve departed from the starting point, Titou Gorge, (1,690ft).

Through out this hike you will start to descend to the Breakfast River, which is typically the first stop for hikers to gather their bearings and drink some water.. Although this climb has a tendency to get muddy, you will come across lookout points that look directly down at the gorge.

Valley of Desolation

Time taken: Approx 1 hour

Until about 2,500ft, the climb becomes significantly more vertical upon your ascension of Breakfast River. When you’ve reached about 3,168ft, you will finally encounter a steady climb. This is typically a good point to stop and catch your breath. This clearing offers breathtaking 360 views of the surrounding lush mountain ranges.

Although the trail continues for about 20 minutes, this tends to be the least strenuous part of the hike. It is slightly downhill and you will soon reach the top of the Valley of Desolation. This also acts as a lookout point. You are able to see steam rising from the Lake itself, where the trail begins to climb deeply into the valley.

It is also important to note that the trail starts to become vague as you’re crossing the stream. But a seasoned tour guide would be able to advise you accordingly. The valley contains a lot of hot water pools. Hikers are able to take a break to enjoy swimming in therapeutic warm water. From the Valley, it’s generally uphill.

There comes a point where one can look down on another area of ‘Desolation’. The Dominica Boiling Lake is just minutes away!

The Boiling Lake

One needs to be very aware of the lake. It has steep sides and while the view from the hillside above is stunning, the rocks are often slippery which can be extremely hazardous when hiking. Always be extremely weary when visiting this boiling lake and approach with caution extreme caution. All of that being said , congratulations, you’ve reached the Lake! The length is approximately 200ft (63m) across. Also there is an intriguing mixture of small stones, pumice and clay at the side of the lake.

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