Riverside Hotel in Portsmouth Dominica

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Riverside Hotel

Newly opened Riverside Hotel offers cozy and peaceful atmosphere to our customers.

We have state of the art rooms overlooking the scenic Picard River and the historic Cabrits National park. Riverside Hotel ensures an unforgettable experience for both business and leisure stay


A Little About Riverside Hotel

Started in 2009 as a restaurant, Riverside Hotel is aiming to provide top class service to our customers.
Founded by Steven and Susan Jiang we pride ourselves in being a workplace that works hard, have fun, and serves our clients with A+ quality service every day.
Riverside Hotel operates an international restaurant which leave customers salivating.

Our Suites

Spacious Suites in Portsmouth, DOMINICA
Sea View Suites

At Riverside International Hotel, our Sea View suites are located high above the Picard River, with fascinating views of the Caribbean Sea to the North. These breath-taking vistas can be enjoyed from the luxurious comfort of your bed or private balcony.

River Side Suites

The private balcony overlooking the river captures the scene of the tranquil, sparkling river, in which you can bask when the sun rises over the river, either from your bed or the private balcony in the morning time.

Mountain View Suites

Start your day with incredible views of the mountains from the warmth of your bed or a freshly brewed coffee or cup of tea on your private balcony. Your evenings will be splendid, as you bring your day to an end with a drink and the rush of the cool breeze coming from the mountains.

Village View Suites

The Village View Suites offers the perfect urban escape, set amidst magnificent vistas of the urban village of Picard, yours to enjoy from the cozy comfort of your bed or private balcony.

These spacious rooms come with a dining area and a large flat screen TV with satellite channels.

Discover Dominica
Riverside Hotel is the perfect starting of your Dominica Adventure
Island Tours

Riverside Hotel Full featured Suites in the north of the nature island Dominica

A luxurious escape in the middle of nature, these mesmerizing suites indulge in great comfort and elegance with captivating views of some of the island’s most unique and prominent natural features.

With so much to do you’ll never get bored!
We offer unique room packages and in-house services.
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